Jeremy Carl

“The program helped me in numerous ways in terms of my leadership confidence and skill set. While there were many benefits from doing this course that I have been using in my daily work, I will say that one that has stuck out has been the idea of creating member delight (the specific steps) when doing events or classes and not just hoping to provide member satisfaction.”

Michael Pereira

“Learning about all the different racquet sports has encouraged me to take more education and get certified in Padel, as well as grow the pickleball program at my club to the point where we needed more pickleball courts to serve the members.”

Joao Pinho

“Great course with applicable content that will significantly enhance one’s knowledge of all the areas that a Director of Racuqet Sports needs to oversee, as well as some of the best practices associated with those aspects.”

Vinnie Barros

“I have learned emotional intelligence dealing with members, championship culture building and I’m beginning to delegate better.”

Zenda Griebenow

“I was surprised by how little I knew, even though I have taken a lot of continuing education.”

Andrew Schadt

A Director of Racquet Sports is someone who leads, manages, and develops a racquet sports program with help from a general manager, board of directors, and/or ownership. This personal is responsible for overseeing the entire racquet sports portion of his/her club and/or organization..”

Simon Gale

Directors tend to have to learn how to be a DORS on the job. I wanted to challenge myself, learn and be able to recommend it to other directors and our National Campus staff who could benefit from it.”

Marcos Del Pilar

Financials and Human Resources are not my primary fields. I needed to work a lot on improving my skills to better understand how to achieve a better version of myself in those areas. I am really happy about it and feel way more confident after completing the course.