An interview with Marcos Del Pilar – a Certified Director of Racquet Sports

May 8, 2023

Certified Director of Racquet Sports Certificate Graduate Marcos Del Pilar

What’s your job title and where do you work?

My name is Marcos Del Pilar and I am the Co-Founder and Comissioner of Pro Padel League. I am also the President of USPA (United States Padel Association) and a USTA Padel Consultant.

What’s your story, and how’d you get here?

I got a very strong TENNIS and PADEL both as a pro player and a pro coach and I’ve be involved in the Racquet Sport Industry for more than 25 years. I used to own 5 Tennis and Padel venues in Spain and, as a consultant, I have helped investors to become successful while implementing Padel in more than 12 different countries. Additionally, a long story as a serial ENTREPENEUR & BUSINESS OWNER. I founded my first company when I was 14 years old and I currently continue to invest as an investor and business partner in different projects and start-ups. My main expertise holds on SENIOR MANAGEMENT POSITIONS very much focused on SALES and MARKETING in multinational SPORTS BRANDS. In my personal case, I always dreamt about building a new entire industry in the USA. I always wanted to impact the world of Padel and leave a legacy. I truly believe that we can build a better world through Padel and I really do my best every day to spread joy and excitement for the sport while creating a new ecosystem plenty of new opportunities for everyone.

What is something we can’t guess about you from your resume?

I truly believe in PEOPLE. I think that great people can make a massive impact in the world.
By creating opportunities for others, we are setting up a new scenario for thousands of leaders to shine and help us grow Padel in the USA.
One of my main goals is to start attracting players to our Industry with no previous experience in any Racquet Sport. That is where the big opportunity is and where I really put all my efforts: we need to reach that “blue ocean” of non-racquet players and to offer an amazing experience for all of them to engage with the sport. From there, the growth will be very organic, and we will experience an unprecedented growth that will change the rules of the sport all over the world.
We can target about 300M people that still don’t know about THE MAGIC OF PADEL.
And to do so properly, we just need to focus on CREATIVITY AND DISRUPTION while delivering exceptional experiences and memorable moments for our current and future players.
We really need to become CUSTOMER-CENTRIC and invest on designing a successful customer journey and an adapted Padel program for each facility.


How would you describe the Director of Racquet Sports Certificate Course to someone who doesn’t know what it is?

It is unique in that it offers some insight into the real aspects of the leadership role. It is not going to help you teach tennis, but it will prepare you and make you aware of the many hats and the change in mindset for being an effective DORS. I believe it appeals to a broad audience, firstly the current experienced DORS who will reflect on how they lead and how to improve, secondly the new DORS who needs a clearer road map for navigating their future and thirdly, the aspiring DORS who can start to gain insight into the skill set required to enter the DORS phase of their careers.

What’s one racquet sports or leadership related book you recommend?

@propadelleague on Instagram!

What do you see as the future of the racquet sports industry, and what needs to change in order for it to get there?

As leaders and business owners we are, we need to be able to share our BIG WHY with our audience: those values and beliefs that get us up every morning. Those that will make your audience resonate and follow you and join your activities and programs. We don’t mainly sell products or services, but messages and we need to get them aligned with our values to become authentic. After that, we just need grow the FEELING OF BELONGING in our venues, grow the community and teach our early adopters how to prescribe us and help us organically grow our reach. I know this is not easy to do (since I invest hours and hours and all my energy on this) but you asked me about my vision to grow Padel so here you are… 😊 (Hahaha!) On the big picture, and since I am very consistent and active, here you are some of my goals: – SHOWCASING THE GAME with Nonstop promotions over the entire country. – BRINGING INVESTORS IN (both international and American). – PADEL EDUCATION: for both coaches and players. This is a very important piece where I am fully invested. Padel Certification and education for coaches, biz owners and managers. – BUILDING A COMMUNITY OF PADEL LOVERS that will become the ambassadors of the sport soon. And we need to invest and take care of them from now. – HELPING BUSINESS OWNERS TO SUCCEED and SUPPORTING PADEL PROJECTS in all means… – HELPING THE BRANDS to establish in the American market and access to opportunities. – CONTINUE TO GIVE MORE AND MORE EXPOSURE TO THE SPORT and, at the end of the day, – CREATING NEW CHALLENGING AND ATTRACTIVE OPPORTUNNITIES FOR EVERYONE involved in the Padel industry. When looking back of he last 5 years in my life, I feel very proud of everything accomplished and the group of people that I have around.

What is the reason you chose to take this course?

I truly believe in education and continuous learning. This program is an amazing opportunity for Teaching Professionals to reach new heights.
In addition to the modules and the huge curriculum, I found an incredible value on my personal meeting with both Kim Bastable and Dough Cash who were absolutely dedicated and involved in my progress. I really appreciate that support as well as some interviews with well know and recognized professionals in the Industry.
I was approached by Kim a few months ago to contribute on one of the modules about Padel and since then, I got really inspired by Kim in several of our Industry talks. I shared my interest on keep learning and she explained me in detail about the DORS with University of Florida Course. I automatically fell in love with the idea and signed myself up right away.

Financials and Human Resources are not my primary fields. I needed to work a lot on improving my skills to better understand how to achieve a better version of myself in those areas. I am really happy about it and feel way more confident after completing the course.

I definitely recommend this DORS Certification to everyone involved in the Racquets Industry!!

If someone wants to get in touch with you, how do they find you?

They can connect with me on LinkedIn and Instagram!

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