An interview with Andrew Schadt – a Certified Director of Racquet Sports

Apr 18, 2023

Certified Director of Racquet Sports Certificate Graduate Andrew Schadt

What’s your job title and where do you work?

My name is Andrew Schadt and I am a Racquet Sports Professional and Tennis Coordinator at Kingsbury Club Medfiled in. Natick, MA.

What’s your story, and how’d you get here?

Graduated from school and started applying to Parks and Recreation jobs along with Tennis jobs and this one stuck. I moved to MA from CT in 2019 and I have been in my current role since.

What are 3 of your favorite things about the course?

Meetings with Doug Cash, the very informative curriculum articles provided, and lastly all of the projects that got me working and thinking through real life scenarios.

What surprised you the most as you worked through the course?

The value of culture and how important that is to an organization. I really got a lot out of that portion of the class.

Have you been able to apply anything you’ve been learning so far?

Absolutely. My club is currently going through some transitions and being knowledgeable in platform tennis and having created a marketing plan for platform tennis as a part of the course is going to be very beneficial shortly.

How would you describe the Director of Racquet Sports Certificate Course to someone who doesn’t know what it is?

A DORS is someone who leads, manages, and develops a racquet sports program with help from a general manager, board of directors, and/or ownership. This personal is responsible for overseeing the entire racquet sports portion of his/her club and/or organization.

What’s one racquet sports or leadership related book you recommend?

All of the major organizations through PTR: PPR, PTA, etc. Also, following KOPPLIN KUEBLER AND WALLACE on LinkedIn is great. They’re up to date a lot of provide good info. Len Simard was the one who recommended this course to me, so I thank him very much for that!

What do you see as the future of the racquet sports industry, and what needs to change in order for it to get there?

Racquets facilities needing to be fully equipped to handle multiple racquet sports. Pickleball and paddle tennis especially and having quality programs and teaching professionals for tennis, pickle ball, and paddle tennis is soon going to a must for places to succeed.

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